Mara Salvatrucha MS-13 - Don't Play With Gangster!

It is the deadliest gang that anyone may ever come into contact with. The gang was set up in the 1980s by Salvadoran immigrants in Los Angeles. The majority of the gang comprises of Salvadorans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, and Nicaraguans. MS-13 is well known for drug smuggling, black market gun sales, theft, contract killing and human trafficking. Mara Salvatrucha is known as the most brutal gang that performs most violent crimes killing even innocent lives and hunting down anyone who speaks to law enforcement about them.

There are a number of other prison gangs like Nuestra Familia, Aryan Circle, Barrio Azteca, Dirty White Boys, Nazi Low Riders and so on. An interminable list of such prison gangs exists in just a few geographic locations, but they are rapidly spreading and having an adverse impact on state correctional facilities.


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