Peugeot Futuristic Car Design For Personal Use

Designed for the Peugeot Competition, this personal mobility device is designed keeping in mind the future of transportation, which would leave no parking space and the environmental impacts of the conventionally made cars. The one passenger car, if you may, this Peugeot Concept will be electricity powered, but will have wheels moving with magnetic force, which would leave the body of the car floating over the wheels, unique idea I say.

Because of the futuristic aspect of the car, designer Yuji Fujimura takes the liberty of explaining the Peugeot concept to be sans any physical connecting parts, thus managing free movement to any degree, somewhat like the ball we had in a PC mouse (hope you remember), making it very convenient to ride and ultra cool for parking in congested areas.

Thanks: Yuji Fujimura

Peugeot Concept personal mobility car for the lone rides tomorrow


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