How to Send SMS dan Make Calls With iPod Touch

How to Send and Receive SMS, Make Calls With iPod Touch

Tool to convert iPod Touch into iPhone will flood the U.S. market. The presence of Apple Peel fear it would affect sales of the iPhone in the U.S..

Apple Peel attract U.S. companies GoSolarUSA (GSLO) to enter the country of origin of the iPod Touch and iPhone. So that was reported by Cnet, on Friday (09/24/2010).

Apple Peel is a device developed by Chinese developers Yosion. Through this device Peel Apple iPod Touch owners will get the device in the form of 'place' SIM Card and a connector that allows the iPod touch can make phone calls and receive SMS Like the iPhone.

GSLO will be the main distributor of Apple Peel marketed approximately USD60. When viewed from the price of course, this device will damage the market. Because at $ 60 a person can get the iPhone functions. While the four lowest price approximately USD199 iPhone for 16 GB model with data packets of AT & T for two years.

Apple itself has not provided the entry-related attitudes such converter devices in the U.S.. But learn from the marketing tool in HongKong, Apple will not be silent and will revoke the warranty iPod Touch that Apple has been using the extra device Peel.


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