KomodoPAD - Lowest Price "IPAD" for Indonesian Students

There is a sense of lho IPAD Indonesia, his name KomodoPAD. The price is only around 130 US dollars , fit for pockets of students or students who need a portable computer.

KomodoPAD does not make rival the famous iPad. He was more intended for the book enthusiast who now began to switch to digital documents. "This product is still the low end and is devoted to so sabaktronik (digital document readers - ed)," said Michael Sunggiardi (IT practitioner who is also skipper KomodoPAD) as quoted Terminaltekno.com from his Facebook account.

KomodoPAD indeed somewhat unique, both in terms of specifications and the selling price is cheap. Sail 7-inch device weighing about 350 grams is equipped with VIA VT8505-speed 300MHz processor and 128MB of DDR2 memory. There is also a USB 2.0 connector and WiFi (IEEE 802.11b / g) for connecting to a PC or network KomodoPAD.

1800 mAh battery is capable to energize KomodoPAD for 2 hours when used at work. If only standby can still survive for approximately 3 hours. Oh yes, this cheap device also been armed with the Android operating system version 1.7.



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