Devil's Town in China - Moguicheng

In China people call this desert as "Moguicheng" which means city of the devil. "Moguicheng" very popular in Xinjiang, China. Like someone strolling toward the castle on a sunny day accompanied by a gentle breeze, one might hear a beautiful rhythm that comes from a distance. His voice was as if 10 million is vibrated by the vibration of the bells sound and sometimes can feel a soft music
serving as excerpts from the 10 million stringed guitar. But when the storm came as waves of sand onto the sky with strong winds, the sky suddenly turned dark as hell and sound good music no longer heard turned into sounds strange. Sound like a tiger's roar, an angry elephant, sounds like a pig being cut, the baby cries, and shouts of women who will die in turn colored the atmosphere that ultimately, if observed to be like the voice cries, wailing and strife. The storm then turned aggressively as the sky interspersed dibidikan wolf growling sounds in the cloudy evening. The visitors admire who has built this city and where gorg voices.


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