Kate Middleton's Facebook Page Suspended And Activated Thanks to BBC News

Unlucky British health care assistant from Kent. It's the same name as fiancé Prince William, Kate Middleton, his Facebook account disabled unilaterally.

Kate Middleton (29) was surprised not to play when it received notification from Facebook, which claims itself as a cheater so that his account be closed.

"I log in and receive a notification that says my account is fraudulent and should be closed. They (up) to say that I could not use this name because imitate famous figures," said Middleton.

"But I'm not pretending. My name is Kate Middleton," he said to BBC News, as quoted in IT Pro Portal, Tuesday (25/01/2011).

Later, up at last to re-activate your account Middleton, Middleton after the interview was published in tabloid The Sun and managed to prove he was not an imposter.

"We're looking at thousands of content every day and as much as possible to ensure up to be environmentally safe and trusted everyone. Of course any time we can make mistakes," was a statement from Facebook.



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