Multi-Ethnic America Celebrities

While some of these celebrities ethnic backgrounds might not surprise you, others will have you scratching your head. Here are 34 celebrities who's lineage is much more interesting than you would have thought. Who knew?.

Steve Jobs

Half Arab.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Quarter Indonesian.

Vince Vaughn

Part Lebanese.

Kid Cudi

Half Mexican.

Alia Shawkat

Her father is a native of Iraq.

Tony Shalhoub

Half Lebanese.

Keanu Reeves

Quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese.

Ralph Nader


Rob Schneider

Quarter Filipino.

Aubrey Plaza

Half Puerto-Rican.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Half Samoan.

Olivia Munn

Half Chinese.

Karen O

Born in South Korea and is half Korean.

Nicki Minaj

Half Indo-Asian.

Chad Michael Murray

Quarter Japanese.

Freddie Mercury

100% Parsi.

Frank Zappa

Quarter Arab.

Lea Michelle

Part Spanish.

Eddie Van-Halen

He is half Chinese-Malaysian.

Bruno Mars

Half Filipino.

Norah Jones

The daughter of Ravi Shankar, and half Indian.

David Gallagher

Half Cuban.

Bob Marley

Half Black and Caucasian.

Sara Paxton

Half Mexican.

Alexis Bledel

Half Mexican.

Sonya Walger

Penny from Lost is Half Argentine.

Naomi Campbell

Quarter Chinese.

Vin Diesel

Half African-American.

Jimi Hendrix

Quarter Cherokee.

Frankie Muniz

Half Puerto Rican.

Jennifer Tilly

Half Chinese.

Shannon Elizabeth



Quarter Chinese.

Jessica Alba

Half Mexican.
Source: buzzfeed



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